Chester Moynihan

The Smith Family Challenge 2021

Participating in their Challenge

Help me make a difference!

I'm tackling The Smith Family Challenge to help children in need to break the cycle of disadvantage through education. 

Over 2 days I will navigate, run, ride and paddle 100km through the bush to reach the finish line. 

Its going to be TOUGH! But the hard work will all be worth it so that I can help kids in need with their education. 

In Australia, 1 in 6 Children are growing up in disadvantaged homes, where even the basics in life are hard to come by.

But supporting their education is the key to breaking this cycle!

Your donation will give these kids the essentials they need like school books, bags, uniforms, shoes and extra help at school.

Plus, your support will give me great motivation to keep going in training and in the race!

Thanks for your support :)

So far this year I helped provide


School Essentials Packs


Reading Buddies


Children Sponsored

Thank you to my Sponsors


Chester Moynihan


Marcus Darville



From Anton, James & the Ashurst team


Gane Capital

Good luck boet, hope noone slows you down!!


Scott Malcolm

Well done Team Allegro


Justin Ryan

Keep up the good work Chester🙏


Kede Carboni

Great effort.


Greg Madden

Good luck


Helen Van Den Broeck

Great cause! Good luck!


Johan Krynauw

Go Ches and the Allegro team! Make sure you wear comfortable shoes which are ideally the right size and worn in a bit. All the best. JK


Andrew Cox


Chester Moynihan


Anouk Darling

Good luck Chester it’s a tough few days and I’m sure you’ll finish smiling


Record Point


Nigel Cowan

Great work Chester


Mark Taylor

Best of luck Chester. Great cause


Chris Tallent

Our daughter has been a reading buddy over the last 2 years - a great cause! Good luck.


Philip Latham

Even though you beat me at tennis - couldn’t pass on this. Well done mate. Phil Latham


Peter Brownie

Enjoy & good luck!


Jeremy Tasker

Best of luck Chester and Allegro team. Fantastic cause.


Menno Veeneklaas

All the best Chester, Fay, Rob and Nicole!


Peter Connor

Good luck. Go hard mate!! Excellent cause.


Jeffrey Largier

Good luck Chester, Fay, Rob and Nicole...!


Tim Bartley


Glen Sauer

Fay, Rob and Nicole reckon they have been carrying you for years at work, hopefully they don't have to carry you across the finish line.


Roger Dold

Great cause, Ches, I hope you all have a great time as well


Uddhav Bhargava

Game on!


Lenka Psar-mccabe


Greg Joffe

Pleased to provide my support. Try not to kill yourself in the challenge.


Jimmy Rich

Good luck Chester! It is a great effort for an even better cause!


John Mosley

Good luck Chester


Imali Huruggamuwa

Good luck Chester and the Team!!! You all are going to smash it.


Adrian Whiting

You will crush it Chester - Enjoy!


Matthew Millar

Good luck Chester - a very worthy cause


Stefan Preston

Well done Chester - looks like it was a real adventure!


Emma Stephen

Well done Team!! You will smash it :)


Phil Reed

Exceptional Achievement


Melita Swartz

Congratulations for supporting such a worthy charity. Best of luck with the event and I hope you have a great time!


Simon Carlyon

Good luck Chester and the Allegro team


Gareth Cope

Great cause Chester - all the best. Best regards, Gareth


Khosrow Kyanian

Smash it Chester, Fay, Rob and Nicole! Great cause!


Robert Smith

Go hard Chester and good luck


John Nestel

Endure to the end my friend


Neil Cherry

Nice one Chester. Great effort.


Sonja Stewart

Well done Chester - had to support given that the challenge is on Yuin country !


Andy Mcnee

Good luck Chester and Team. Fantastic cause and effort.


Eugene Snyman

Great initiative to support a worthy cause - good luck Chester!


Martin Peter Blake

All the best for the ride, Martin


Platinum Pacific Partners


Simon Beissel


Iain Read

Go well Chester!


Martijn Laguna




Jenny Shofer

Wishing you all the best during your wonderful commitment to help improve the lives of so many others.