Equipment, Safety & Insurance

Participant safety is of the utmost importance during the Challenge.


Mandatory Equipment

The nature of adventure racing takes the participant into some remote areas. To ensure the safety of Challengers, teams will be required to carry some mandatory equipment.

Some of this equipment might seem irrelevant on a hot day for example and you will be tempted to leave it behind, but we cannot predict the weather or when injuries happen out in the field so it is absolutely essential for all teams to carry this equipment.

The full list of mandatory equipment will be provided closer to the event

Race Kit (Equipment Provided)

At the welcome dinner, each team will receive a race kit containing some essential equipment for the event. It also includes some of the mandatory gear you need to take with you out on the course. The race kit will typically consist of the following:

  • Event T-shirts and caps
  • Race bibs
  • Water bottles
  • Topographic course maps, compass and GPRS Tracking Device
  • Map case and map boards for bikes
  • First aid kit, Survival/Space blanket/Safety gear as required

Recommended Clothing and Equipment

Below is a list of equipment we recommend you bring along to the event (in addition to the mandatory gear). Think about the clothing you will wear while racing – materials such as Coolmax are preferred over cotton variants as they dry quickly and remove moisture from the skin. The last thing you want is to race the entire day in wet clothing.

  • Socks, shorts, bike shorts and t-shirts – quick-dry preferably
  • After race clothing
  • Bike Gloves
  • Sunglasses, sunhat and sunscreen PLUS Lip Salve
  • Water bottle/Hydration System – 1.5L minimum
  • Lead weight to hide in overly chirpy teammates backpack
  • Headlamp
  • Small Backpack – Carry water/snacks/extra clothing during the race (keep this small as you will carry it for the entire event .. 25L max)
  • Camera
  • Dry bag – for insertion inside your backpack to keep valuables and thermals dry.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking makes up the majority of the course distance so you will spend a fair bit of time on your bike.

  • A bike will be provided for you if you need one, but remember you are likely to be more comfortable on your own or a friend’s bike that you have trained on if it is suitable
  • Please make sure your bike is in good mechanical repair before heading to the event, or better borrow a mate’s super light, titanium beast and get him to prepare it for you.
  • You will have access to a bike mechanic for the duration of the event. Where access is possible, the bike mechanic will travel to you to assist but please be aware, when riding in a remote location it is not always possible for the mechanic to reach you – so you should be comfortable changing inner tubes and fixing a broken chain if necessary.
  • The bike mechanic will be available in transitions to sort out any mechanicals – if you cannot sort out the issue, teamwork will be required to get a broken bike to the next transition.

Hire Bike

If you don’t own a suitable mountain bike, one will be provided for you (Just select 'Bike hire' when you register)

At the event, a qualified bike mechanic will be available to fit you to your bike and answer any questions you may have.

You will also receive a bike helmet with your hire bike.


The entire event is meticulously planned and managed by the event professionals from ChallengeWorks, with detailed risk management, emergency management and medical evacuation plans.

The event will also be supported by an official event medic, available in transitions and at the event hub to sort out injuries, cuts, bruises etc. Participants are required to notify the organising team of any notable medical conditions prior to race day.


The Smith Family Challenge is covered by a $20m Public Liability policy including coverage for the event, operators and interested parties. This coverage does not extend to personal injuries of participants if an accident occurs. We recommend that you obtain personal accident insurance before taking part.