Ben Keeble

The Smith Family Challenge 2021

Participating in their Challenge

Help me make a difference!

I'm tackling The Smith Family Challenge to help children in need to break the cycle of disadvantage through education. 

Over 2 days I will navigate, run, ride and paddle 100km through the bush to reach the finish line. 

Its going to be TOUGH! But the hard work will all be worth it so that I can help kids in need with their education. 

In Australia, 1 in 6 Children are growing up in disadvantaged homes, where even the basics in life are hard to come by.

But supporting their education is the key to breaking this cycle!

Your donation will give these kids the essentials they need like school books, bags, uniforms, shoes and extra help at school.

Plus, your support will give me great motivation to keep going in training and in the race!

Thanks for your support :)

So far this year I helped provide


School Essentials Packs


Reading Buddies


Children Sponsored

Thank you to my Sponsors


Andrew Gray

I just wonder why, in a year when I had a sinovial cyst requiring back surgery, when I was on Ben’s team and falling back, he yelled at me so much. And then kicked me out of the team. I guess it’s just a bit sad.


Keeble Family Foundation


E &p Financial Group


D & B Singh

Top of the podium this year Keeb's, now that you've dropped the dead weight off!!


Andrew D Cummins

Keep up the good work...someone needs to do it!


Carl Jackson



Best wishes Ben!


Steve Bennett




Well done Ben. This is a great cause. Keep it up!


Geoffrey Mcwilliam

Ben- Good Luck The last Englishman to take Om the Australian Bush made it across the Blue Mountains so this should be a breeze Rdgs Geoff


Peter Anderson


Ben Frewin

You're a brave man - once was enough for me - good luck Ben


David Evans


Patrick Davies

swim fast


Chris Paxton

Podium this time Ben!


Daniel Parasol

Well done BK, Rocky, Wanhee and Mike ! fantastic effort and cause


Jerogin Family

Good Luck!!



Better you than me mate. Goodluck. Go hard


Katherine Martin

Good on you Ben and team, kas x



Go Keeble!


David Rogers


Tim And Kate Clarkson

Well done Ben, fantastic effort for a very worth charity.


Ben Hawter

Awesome. Good luck.


Simon Dighton


Joseph Fayyad

Amazing fundraising effort - be PROUD. Well done


Tony Sparks

Such cruisy weather to finish off with! Hope (and don't doubt) you are persevering. Well done again!


Chris Clayton

Nice work Ben and team....


Mark Mcnamara

Great cause. Well done.


Steve Walker

Good luck mate. Great cause! The Walkers


Paul Oneile

Good luck on the weekend Ben


Michael Parshall

Well done BK. Good luck.


Michael Mcnamara



Symon Vegter

Well done Ben. Great cause and good luck 8th time round!


Paul Ryan

Good luck team E&P


Mark O'reilly



The Gluskie Family

Best of luck Ben! We will be thinking of you next weekend. Love the Gluskies


Jason Murray

Good luck


Richard Mason

You're a legend BK!


James Strong

a GREAT cause Ben, best of luck


Peter Cook


Jonathan Algar

All the best, team E&P.


Lyndelle Roche

Out hustle, out work, out think, outplay, outlast! Race safe.


Douglas Farrell

Go get em!


David Mackay

Big effort BK



Hopefully you win cleanly this time


Ron And Elwin Martin

Ben, Best wishes to you and your team. Another wonderful effort. Love, E&R 😘


Martin Mackay

Good Luck ... I know you will love it


Damien Dougherty


Andrew Murray

Good luck mate!


Shaun And Tracey Berger



Go for it Ben. Good luck from Phil and Linda Latham


Evie Bruce

Great cause Ben. Good luck!


Angus Kennard

A buck a km sounds hard. Giddy up


Emma Cleary

Great cause Ben - good luck with the ride - sounds tough! Em


Chris And Jenny Keeble

Good Luck Darling, Keep low and move fast! All our love Mum and Dad x


Alex Eady

Good luck Ben!


David Albert

Awesome job!


John Osullivan

Go well mate


James Rozsa





Go BK!!