David Crow

The Smith Family Challenge 2020

Help me make a difference!

I'm tackling The Smith Family Challenge to help children break the cycle of disadvantage through education. 

In Australia, 1 in 6 Children are growing up in disadvantaged homes, where even the basics in life are hard to come by.

But supporting their education is the key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

So I'm going to give my personal best, so these children can achieve their personal best in life!

Your donation will give children in need essentials like school books, bags, uniforms, shoes and the help they need to keep up at school.

Not only will your donation help the kids but it will give me great motivation to keep going on the big day!

Thanks for your support (and wish me luck!)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Sam White


David Crow


Dominique Lyone

Go Crowie. Thanks for taking up this worthy cause.


Para Flare


Stephen Rush

Fantasic cause Crowie Well done.


Susan And Russell Cameron



Greg Ward


Fraser Short, The Sydney Collective

You've got this - best of luck Crowie!


Tim Every-burns

It's a wonderful cause Crowie - good luck!


Paul Rayner

Well done crowie


John Whitney

Crowie.. Legend !


Geoff Cundle


Clive Stiff

Good on you Crowie !


Peter Wade

Well done, Crowie. You are a better mans than I - I would never ave been able to finish the thing


Colin Murdoch


Jennifer Cunningham

Great effort Crowie! Good luck ❤️


Alexander Zaininger

Go Crowie!!!


Greg Levy


Jill Kloster

Go Crowie 👍👏💕


Leslie And Dudu Rance

Wonderful thing to be doing Crowie - good luck!



Go Crowie!


Simon Hull

Go Hard





Go Crowie!


Tim Salt

Good luck DC. Great cause



Go for it Crowie… you make us proud!!!!


Angus Armstrong

Good luck and good job


Joe Fischer

Good on your Crowie! You are inspirational.


John Paterson

Good luck Crowie!


Mike Devlin

Smash it Crowie !!


Zhik Pty Ltd Zhik Pty Ltd


Chris Kloster


Fiona Manley

Wonderful cause and wow what a commitment! 110km of honest effort and love. Well done Crowie XX


John Snowdon

Go well, Crowie!


David Smith

Good luck Crowie


Aizaz Syed

Best of luck Crowie


Alex Gavrilovic

Good luck with the challenge and your fund-raising goal.


Simon Payne

Good luck.


Brian Conolly

Go Crowie!


Shaun Cunningham

Good luck!


Ian Masters

Well done Crowie !


Tim Castle


John W Pitman


Max Crow

Well done Crowie!!