Cathy Doyle

The Smith Family Challenge 2021

Participating in their Challenge

Help me make a difference!

I'm tackling The Smith Family Challenge to help children in need to break the cycle of disadvantage through education. 

Over 2 days I will navigate, run, ride and paddle 100km through the bush to reach the finish line. 

Its going to be TOUGH! But the hard work will all be worth it so that I can help kids in need with their education. 

In Australia, 1 in 6 Children are growing up in disadvantaged homes, where even the basics in life are hard to come by.

But supporting their education is the key to breaking this cycle!

Your donation will give these kids the essentials they need like school books, bags, uniforms, shoes and extra help at school.

Plus, your support will give me great motivation to keep going in training and in the race!

Thanks for your support :)

So far this year I helped provide


School Essentials Packs


Reading Buddies


Children Sponsored

Thank you to my Sponsors



Good luck Cathy!!





What an amazing effort and worthy cause. Best wishes.




Peter Hollick


Paul Young

good onya cathy........and i will buy you lunch as well!!


Ellis & Oscar

Go mum !!!! Please don’t hurt yourself 😜 ❤️


Chris Ryan

Cath, take it on as you take on everything else in life, with strength, persistence and grace!


Richard Allert


Julianne Lockart

Great work Cathy. Love Jules x


Michaela H

Go Girl! Thank you for making a difference to the lives of those that are struggling. Best wishes for the event. M


Sports Entertainment Network


Vincent Hua

Very good Cathy! All the best!


Brett Ireland



Good luck to you Cathy. A wonderful cause and a great challenge for you personally.


William Gurry

Go Cathy.



Hi Cathy, Good on you , great to see your efforts and achievement , Cathy Go !!! Lots of Love Agnes


Angela David

Great cause, great challenge for you to do. Love your work! Go for it!



Hi Cath !!


Dharmendra Chandran

Privileged to support your effort.


Rachel Sansom


David Goodman

I hope this helps and fitness training starts today. Centennial Park is going to be your home away from home until March.


Kerri Burgess

Cathy Thanks so much for doing this. Great cause.


David Wakeley

Go Team ParaFlare - proud to see you living our values and making a difference


Resolution Strata



Michelle Phipps

Al the best Cathy! X Michelle and Rob Phipps


Kevin Wall

Nice work Cathy


Catherine Curry-hyde

Good Luck!




Dan Sofo

What a gruelling challenge for a wonderful cause. Great stuff Cathy!


Michelle Loader

Bravo Cathy, have fun - such a great cause! Michelle


Dan Kent

Go Cathy Go!! It’s such a long way too go!


Katie Sumpton

Good luck Cathy! Really proud of you :-)


Karen Hayes

Go Cathy!! Love your work Sista!!! XXX


Robyn Whittaker

All the best with the challenge Cath, it's a great cause.


Sandra Fallon

You go girl!! Xxx


Andrew Pringle

Tremendous Cathy - well done!


Ap Design House

You got this Cathy! Very proud of you. xxx


Lori Felicelli




Good luck Cath. X


Norma Srivastava

Good Luck travel safe.


Peter Doyle

Good luck Cath Love Dad


Tracey Habron

Fabulous effort!



Great stuff Cathy...


Lois Mccutchan

Well done Cathy Well done Cathy


Melissa Richards

Well done Cathy. A great initiative.




Carmel Rees

Go Cath!! You’ve got this xxx


Steve Rowe

Great cause Cathy. Good luck!




Guy Mckanna

Go Cathy!


Ash Macdonald

You goooo girl!


David Benn

Please be careful Ms Doyle. Keep an eye out for snakes.


Annabelle Larue

Great work Cathy!


Jay Dubs

Hi Cathy, good luck with the challenge! Great you are doing this and hope all is good! Big hug, Jay Dubs


Raechel Gavin

Good luck Cathy - Raechel


Craig Saphin

Good luck Cathy!


Rachel Scanlon

Delighted to support you Cathy xxx Best of luck