Aman Sharma

The Smith Family Challenge 2024

Help me make a difference!

I'm tackling The Smith Family Challenge 2024 to help children in need to break the cycle of disadvantage through education. 

Over 2 days I will navigate, run, ride and paddle 100km through the bush to reach the finish line. 

It will be TOUGH! But the hard work will all be worth it so that I can help kids in need with their education. 

In Australia, 1 in 6 Children are growing up in disadvantaged homes, where even the basics in life are hard to come by.

But supporting their education is the key to breaking this cycle!

Your donation will give these kids the essentials they need like school books, bags, uniforms, shoes and extra help at school.

Thanks for your support :)

So far this year, I have helped provide:


School Essentials Packs


reading buddies and books


children with their education

Thank you to my Sponsors


Five V


Aman Sharma


Yogesh Sangeeta Sharma

Good luck Aman.


Patrick Morrison

Great cause, good luck Aman and team!


Renu Agarwal

Good luck Aman beta


Saloni Sharma

All the best Aman! You and your team will do great as you are doing a great thing for a great cause!


Nalini Agarwal

Best of luck! I'm sure you'll smash the challenge. This is an amazing cause and hope this donation helps in some way with alleviating childhood poverty.


Neeraj Mittal

Bravo. Keep it up. Mittals



Proud of you Aman! Thanks for always inspiring us to do better. All the best!


Sunny Bangia



Goodluck Aman! You'll smash it.


Ankit C


Neeraj Aggarwal

Very inspiring Aman! Go you good thing!


Amit Jaiswal

Mate, so impressed with your effort and impact. Privilege to know you



well done Aman ..brilliant effort!


Vruchi Vasudevan

Good luck Aman! We are proud of you :)


Chinmay Pathak

Good stuff bro! Sounds like an exhilarating challenge and all for a good cause! Well done.